Graphic OLED

OKAYA Graphic OLED display modules are great replacements for TN/STN/FSTN graphic displays in existing and new designs.

Graphic OLEDs are available with in a variety of colors and resolutions ranging from 50x16 to 256x64. Some modules can even replace character displays in an existing design where the need for more precise graphic control has arisen. The modules are also available in COB/COG/TAB construction options, and I2C and SPI interface options are available.

The OLED Graphic Modules require far less external circuitry to operate in many cases. External contrast control and temperature compensation are not needed, and separate backlight circuitry is also eliminated due to the self-illumination of the pixels. This reduction in complexity is matched with all of the standard advantages of OLED technology over traditional Graphic LCDs:

  • Wide Viewing Angles (170 degrees)
  • Higher Brightness
  • Thinner Module (No Need for Backlight)
  • Significantly Higher Contrast (2000:1)
  • Wider Operating Temperature (-40C ~ +80C)
  • Faster Response Time
  • Lower Power Consumption (Situational)
  • Sunlight Readable Options
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