• ICE/EN 60384-14 class X2.


  • Designed mainly for suppressing noise occurring in power line of electrical appliances.

Electrical Specifications

Rated Voltage: 275VAC
Dissipation Factor: C≤1µF 0.003 max. (f=10kHz); C≥1µF 0.002 max. (f=1kHz)
Test Voltage: Line to Line 1,250VAC 50/60Hz 60 sec; Line to Case 2,000VAC 50/60Hz 60 sec
Insulation Resistance: Line to Line 103~334 15,000MΩ min; 474~225 5,000Ω·F min; Line to Case 100,000MΩ min (at 100VDC)
Operating Temperature: -55~+100°C

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