Three phase capacitor with two terminal styles -- bare wire or insulated lead



  • Three phase capacitor network.
  • Bare wire or insulated lead terminal style.


  • Suppression noise occurring in large power systems, such as three phase inverters.

Electrical Specifications

Capacitance µF±20%
X: 0.1µF
Y: 0.003µF

Dissipation Factor
X: 0.001 max.
Y: 0.01 max. (at 1kHz)

Test Voltage
Line to Line
2,000VAC 50/60 Hz 60 sec

Terminal to Case
2,000VAC 50/60Hz 60 sec

Insulation Resistance
Line to Line
X: 10,000MΩ
Y: 15,000MΩ (at 100VDC)

Terminal to Case
100,000MΩ (at 500VDC)

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